Dr. Gandhi today questioned the credentials of AAP leaders and their capability to lead the party in Punjab

Taking serious note of and commenting on utterances made against him by S. Sucha Singh Chhotepur and local coordinator of Patiala AAP, Dr. Gandhi today questioned the credentials of AAP leaders and their capability to lead the party in Punjab.
Dr. Gandhi has cautioned the people of Punjab that the persons with having dubious political & social credentials who have nothing in common with ideology of AAP cannot lead Punjab struggle against current tyrant rule of Akali-BJP combine & corrupt congress in 2017 elections.
Dr. Gandhi accused S. Sucha singh Chhotepur for frequently changing parties in the past and being infamous for political opportunism. With such persons at the helm of affairs, the party will find it difficult to project itself as Party with a difference. In fact ever-since Mr. Chhotepur was made convenor of Punjab, he has created factionalism in the state unit by appointing his stooges like one in Patiala to derail the party from its real objectives.
Taking a dig at local coordinator who yesterday along with Mr. Chhotepur tried to malign him, Dr. Gandhi said that his candidature for Patiala Vidhan Sabha By-election was cancelled by the central leadership because of some serious problem related to his candidature. When denied ticket, he ditched the party in its life and death struggle during the Patiala Vidhan Sabha By-election 2014. In spite of his anti party actions & activities he was continuously pampered by Mr. Chhotepur to create a rift in Patiala unit & even now both are hob nobbing with each other & trying to malign and discourage me from doing my duty for Patiala constituency people.
Unfettered by the nefarious designs of central, state and local coordinator, Dr. Gandhi said that he was poised to serve the people of Patiala for next 4yrs, for which he has committed to his constituency people during his election campaign. Dr. Gandhi further elaborated that whatever may be the odds he will not quit his struggle for the principle of swaraj, idea of alternate politics, political and financial transparency & intra party democracy in the party on which he seriously feels, that the party was fast drifting away.Cautioning the honest and dedicated volunteers, Dr. Gandhi called upon them not to be misled by these opportunist elements but stand and struggle for the ideas on which this party was formed. Whatever Mr. Sucha Singh Chhotepur may preach false propaganda that they may indulge in, “it is truth that will prevail at the end of the day” Dr. Gandhi asserted.
Dr. Gandhi expresses full faith in people of Patiala constituency who stand by him because of the work done by him during the last 1yr for the people of Patiala. Whatever my differences with party, I will leave no stone unturned in serving my constituency, Dr. Gandhi added.

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