Need of Anti Corruption Movement

Corruption is the word that is well, known by everyone today. We can see persons talking about it everyday. The word corruption is used in our daily activities. Every person is forced to talk about it. But he is helpless to do anything against it.

Today corruption is become the part of our daily life. Though corruption do not seem strange and unusual to some people but it is very necessary to fight against it. Now the question is why it is necessary to struggle for or fight against corruption.

Today in every corner every circle and every field of our society corruption has establish itself at every Government office, private sector, Business house or our social life the roots of corruption are going deep and deeper day by day.

Today making hollow our social life, the roots of corruption are destroying our social and economic life. Though today a man may have objection against corruption but the fact is that he has to accept it.
Today every product of our use. when come into the market reached in our hands with a lot of taxes of corruption. The product manufactured by factory owners  bears taxes. So that by adding the expenditure of corruption the rates of the product is determined. The burden of government officers and Inspectors imposed on factory owners reached to ordinary people. In this way it is natural the addition of corruption money spent by transporters in the rent of transportation and in the price of the product. In this way burden imposed due to corruption on Traders wholesaler  and dealer is added in price of product. Therefore when a product comes in the hands of consumer or prices of the products are increased many times.

Today the government is also increasing the burden of taxes on ordinary people day by day. Here Government has its own problem to collect the money for development program mes government has to increase this burden of taxes on ordinary people everyday which is directly related with the problem of rising price. But matter to describe here is that the money collected from taxes by Govt. is used for the development program mes. The involvement of the employees working in this development program mes and corrupt political leaders extract lot of money from development fund to their  personal safe.

Consequently the development program mes Govt. has to face financial problems for of money and government need more money for the development program mes. So rate of taxes is increased by the Government. So that the ordinary man coming under the burden of imposed taxes become poor and. poorer.
Though we have democratic government that is also called the government by the people to the people and for the people means democracy. But today this word has lost its real meaning. The political leaders who only pretends to be people’s servant in reality they use their seats for their personal gain. This is an important question.

Today vehicle running with Ministers car emitting smoke of dust and expenditure of Petrol on these vehicle and jumbo ministry is also a burden on General Public. Ordinary people who elected the leaders by giving their precious vote can’t be able to have a little attention of these selfish leaders rather these leaders are busy in their own works.

In today’s time of a poor or even a hungry man become a leader his personality is totally changed. They enjoys all the luxuries of life. The poor of yesterday after taking its seat collect a lot of money in lac’s and crores for their forth coming generations. How they could be able to collect so much money this is a very important question.

An ordinary person never thought about it. A man after becoming leader suddenly become rich and richer how it can be possible in simple way as the salary provided by the government. is not so big to provide them all these luxuries and a lot of money. This can be possible only by some magic stick and the question is what is that magic stick? He has no own personal’ profession and their allowances are not so enough that their personality can totally changed in a very short period.

In this way how bureaucracy is becoming rich and richer day by day is also a very important question. Every employee who is called public servant is now become the master of common people. Today the real master (general public) is dicing of starvation they have no place to live and no bread to eat. But his servant is living in big bungalows and enjoying the luxurious life.

In today’s time it is difficult for ordinary person to breath even in democracy. But the corrupt people are flourishing

If today an ordinary person has to meet a minister or officer their security guards never allow them to go inside. To whom the ordinary man would say his tale of pain and sadness because in today’s time the Mafia of corrupt officers and political leaders is proved stronger than the democracy of our country.
If few honest leaders want to do something for people. They can’t do anything because of strong wall of corrupt people around them so that the ordinary people can’t be able to get advantage of their good schemes.

In our country we are facing new scandal everyday. But all these scandal lost their importance because of the vicious circle of long legal process. So the employees of lower level also follow them. The leaders and officers of higher level escaped by taking the advantages of laws with the help of money there corrupt people also are encouraged Today we can see an ordinary employee saying that leader digest so much money of people, he is still wondering free why they should not try corruption.
Today general public has to face corruption in every field. The need of the hour is that ordinary person should seriously think about this and if today we want to save our country we have to start anti corruption. movement altogether. Here it is clear that though our democratic structure is defaced so much that general public have to use their powers in struggle against corruption to save our democracy.
Here it is necessary for people to be conscious about their rights and duties.If  We don’t prefer country welfare we can’t be able to do anything against it.

Though there is no shortage of anything in our country but because of the involvement of leaders and high officers as well as Mafia the stocks of food grains are destroying on the other hand general. Public is dieing because of hunger. Here it is also necessary that double faced. leader and officers should be exposed so that their real face can come in front of public.

Here it is necessary that everybody should claim that Govt. work done by the money collected through taxes they have right to know facts and information should be in constitution. Here it is also necessary that the property made by corrupt officers by corrupt means should be confiscated and laws should be made to send this property in Govt. Treasure.

Every year we celebrated many festivals in which Diwali and Dusshera are the main festivals we burns the statue of Ravana every year on Dusshera because it is the symbol of the victory of truth on evil. In this way Diwali is celebrated because of the Shri Rama’s coming back to Ayodhya. People celebrate by lightening the dark night because Shri Ramais the symbol of victory of truth. But we are doing what in the context of these festivals that we are celebrating from so long time. What we are doing for the victory of truth? We should burn the statues of today’s Ravana the leaders, and officers who are involved in corruption and should begin a fight as movement against corruption by following the path of Shri Ram. It is necessary to think about it.

For this all the people should come together and should raise its.
voice against corruption only then our country in true meaning will touch the light of progress. So we should make our slogan strong.

Remove Corruption, Save Country