About ACM News

Flying Squad anti Corruption Organisation comes into existence on June 1998 and registered on 9th Feb 1999 vide regd no 1721 of 98-99. Vision behind the Organisation is to establish NGO framework with participation of public so that bad effects of corruption which is eating roots of our country can curtail and its effects can be minimized.

After formation of registered NGO FSACO we take another step applied for monthly publication and started the same in year 2000 named as Anti Corruption Movement and which is registered as PUNMUL/2000/1757.

Now taking a another step we started our another publication in year 2014 in same name Anti Corruption Movement weekly published in tri language which is registered as PUNMUL/2014/60834.

Now we are come with ACM News on line news channel which can seen on www.acmnews.tv

If we see behind toward history ,the voice against corruption is raised by Guru Nanak Dev ji first Guru. Babber Bani indicates that how Guru Nanak Dev ji raised voice against corruption At that time raising voice against corruption is remarkable job . so if we see history of India we found that Guru Nanak Dev ji by raising voice against corruption become founder of Anti Corruption Movement .Real founder of Anti Corruption Movement was Guru Nanak Dev ji we only take forward the movement of Anti Corruption Which was started by Guru Nanak Dev ji

Our motto is Remove Corruption Save Country

S. Guriqbal Singh Bedi
Chairman and Chief Editor
ACM News

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